Monday, 21 April 2014

Two More Lessons Complete!

Hi!  It's taken me some time BUT I have finished two more Soul Food lessons. 
I'm posting photos of my work, and I'm also going to post a link to the instructor's website/blog for the lessons from now on.  Each lesson I take is from a different artist (more or less - there are a few who offer more than one lesson).  That's why you see such a wide variety of styles and ideas. These projects are the brain children of many different and talented people.  This way, if you like the project idea, you can go and check out more of the artist's work. 
Disclaimer:  My finished pieces are no way representational of the work of the instructing artist.  Their work is awesomely good and I am so privileged to be learning techniques, tips and styles from them, not to mention the shot of confidence I get each time I complete another piece!!!! 
Lesson 7  - Zorana
Zorana introduced us to the magic of irisescent bronze fine fluid acrylic paint (I used Golden brand - I don't know if any other company makes this paint or not). 
Notice the bronze and green colors the pictures?  When you add lots of water to this bronze paint, the paint separates and swirls and dries into these two beautiful colors.  This is so cool.  I'm totally going to make more of these. 

We created three different pictures then used them in three different projects - a small, handmade book, a card and a journal page.

Lesson 21 with Susana Tavares

I love this little woman!  The fabric is all hand painted my moi so it is a one-of-a-kind can't-find-it-anywhere doll! 

It intrigued me to do a project which involved painting on fabric.  My very talented sister works with painting on fabric so I wanted to give it a try.  This however, is completely different from what she does.  One day I'll show you some of her stuff.

Notice the greyish, blackish shades to her hair?  I tried to add some wisdom to her by doing this.  My thought was "gray & black = mature person = wisdom"!??. 

I'm not sure the wisdom part worked out or the different shades, but I love how she turned out! It was a great class with Susana.

I'm not actually doing my lessons in order any more.  So far there are 33 lessons posted.  I've completed 14 of them.  Since I'm so far behind (hard to keep up with two lessons a week) I decided to bounce around and work on what catches my interest and more importantly, which lessons I have supplies on hand for at the moment.  In the meantime, I can order some of the supplies I don't have to get ready for other lessons.  Basically - I'm all over the place so bear with me!

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