Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sketches From Hawaii

Aloha guys!
Yup! I've been to Hawaii. That's why it's been so quiet here for a bit.  Hawaii is totally amazing.  We hit both Oahu and Maui. The islands have such spectacular views and unique features. 
Of course I  hauled some of my art supplies with me.  My plan was to try "plein air" sketching to see what I could do.
Wow!  Working plein air was crazy intimidating at first.  It took me a few pages to relax and get the hang of it.   I started out with pencil the first couple of tries, switched to pen alone, added watercolour on another couple of sketches (field kit and watercolour pencils), then tried one with straight watercolour. 
Basically I had WAY too many supplies and couldn't decide what to use.  I haven't mentioned yet I also had extra watercolor tubes, glue, a spray bottle, watercolor crayons, charcoal and so on.  Between hauling my supplies, my sketchbook, my notebook, my camera, my iPod, my water, my hat, my sunglasess - you get the picture!  I was the most weighted-down person in the group. 
So my pencil sketches are NOT below as they are pretty sad.  I felt more comfortable when I picked up my micron pen, plus when I added my iPod and earphones things started to click for me.
I've scanned most of my pages for you to take a pick at. 

 The lady in the foreground turned out to be an animal and portrait artist from Vancouver!

I started out to make a bunch of little sketches but the big one just grew and grew.

 Awesome fish tacos at Horhitos food truck in Kihei, Maui.

We stayed at the Maui Banyon.  This is only a fraction of the size of the complex.

One of the many beautiful lava outcroppings along the beaches. 

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