Monday, 21 April 2014

And Some Sketching Lessons...

Here is some of the work I've done this past week in the other on-line course I'm taking - Sketching Skool.  There are hundreds and hundreds of students in this course.  The work runs the gamut from total beginner to total awesome professional work. It's amazing to see all styles, not to mention inspirational and some good-to-steal techniques!

The idea for this course is to get into the practice of drawing everyday in my journal, illustrating life and interests at the moment.  So far I HAVE DRAWN EVERYDAY since the course started.  I'm only showing you some of the stuff though - my more favorite pictures.

So far I've completed klass with Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene.  Oh, to be able to draw like these two! 
 Danny's advice? Draw from our life.  Draw something that has meaning to us.  Comfy socks are important to us, right?
Koosje showed us basic techniques with colored pencils which is totally intriguing but takes lots of time to add layers.  I think it's a medium I will come back to in the future....
This young thing was not posing for me seeing as she lives on the other side of the world.  I found out it is not cheating if I use photos to sketch from during this course!

This picture resulted from a question posed by my third instructor Prashant Miranda.  Can I draw a picture that shows the essence of my day?  I watched his video at 10 pm after a busy day so I thought sketching my comfy, welcoming bed was a pertinent subject! 

Two things to help you decipher the picture:   a)  I am sitting at the end of my bed looking at the pillows with the bed covers turned back and b) if you want to read the words, please read all the way across then go back to the beginning again for the next line.  I should have written first in one corner then the other but didn't so it is kinda weird to read.  It's a learning curve thing.

Prashant's klass runs this week until Friday so maybe I will have more to post after that.  Depends on how it goes.


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