Saturday, 26 April 2014

On Being Creative

This is a must-watch for anyone who is remotely interested in being creative and afraid to try.  Or for those creatives who are trying to create but really struggling with the process.  It's also a great boost for someone who has been creating for a long time.

I first saw it when it was posted by one of the Soul Food instructors.  The words resonated with me in a way I can't describe.

Then, blow me away, it was posted by one of the Sketching Skool instructors!  Seriously!

These are good words so check it out.  It will only take 2 minutes of your day.




  1. Hi, Leah. Came over from SBS to browse your blog. Enjoyed seeing the video, your sketches, and the doll you painted!
    best from Tunisia, nadia

  2. Hi Nadia, thanks for dropping by! I'm looking forward to checking out everyone's blogs. Happy drawing!