Friday, 11 January 2013

Word For 2013

love the idea of having a word.  Resolutions have never worked for me.  But a single word?  It seems so much more do-able.

Of course, I thought of dozens of words I'd love to work with --joy, play, explore, create, believe, adventure, focus, dream, prepare.....

                                                      How to chose only one!

I let words roll around in my head, trying them on for size.  Some gave me instant sizzle but soon fizzled out.  Others stuck for a while, then faded away.  One word stayed with me for quite a while - FAITH.  I really liked the happy feeling I got from this one.  It seemed right. 

But then it struck me that this is not a word I want to limit to only one year.  Faith is something I want to hold onto and grow into more and more every year.  So I decided that Faith is my forever word.

                                                     Back to the drawing board!

I started to think about my art.  Where am I going with it?  What do I want to do with it?  What pulls me to be creative and why? 

                                          I had nothing.  No ideas. No direction.  Nada.

That's when I realized that I need to learn more about myself and my creativity.  I need to become an explorer and discover what my art is all about.

                                                          And therein lies my word


When I first started this blog, I put the words "exploring, discovering, creating" in the title space.  Then  I jumped in with both feet, dreaming up big dreams of developing a following, making a website, selling my work on Esty, creating an online presence and an online business.

I got caught up in the excitement of the excellent Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons ecourse I was taking about starting an online creative business.  I "forgot" that it was only an exploratory course for me, to see what this type of endeavour was all about. 

Turns out my implusive choice for title words on my blog - explore, discover, create - -- is really what I need to focus on right now.   

                   what do I like creating?
                                      paintings, photographs, textile work, writing....?
                          what mediums?
                                            watercolor, acrylic, pencil....?
                                      what images?
                                                  birds, stars, buildings.......?      
                                              what is my style?
                                                        do I have one or twenty?

                      what inspires me?
                                      magazines, art museums, travel, other artists.....?
                              what helps me learn?
                                             books, live classes, e-courses.....?
                                        what do I want to do with my work?
                                                       sell it, keep it, give it away.....?
                                                   what is my dream?

I feel now that I have some direction -- exploring and discovering ALL directions.  I am giving myself permission to spend the whole year playing.  No purpose at all - no plans to sell, exhibit, achieve.  And maybe, by the end of this year, I'll begin to have a glimmer of my CREATIVE SELF. 
                                                               I am excited!

I have a zillion ideas to try out!  Book lessons, e-courses, camps?? maybe, live lessons, exploring the work other artists, working with other artists, outdoor sketching, indoor photo shoots, pulling out my sewing machine to see what happens, going to museums in real life and on-line, ATCs, connecting with art groups online....the opportunties are endless!

                                                    And it feels perfectly right!

So I'm puting on my explorer's hat and setting out on my journey of discovery.  You are most welcome to join me on my voyage with a quick visit of my latest endeavors or side-by-side on a voyage of your own.   I'd love to have your company.

--Happy journeys!

P.S.  I had a lovely doodle of my word for 2013 to put in this blog.  One of the things I've found I need tospend time discovering is how to deal with the technical side of blogging.  I seem to have lost the ability to upload photos from my computer.  I can select any of the other choices but that one.   So I made do with what you see, and I will be adding "blog technology" to my growing list of discovering activities.  Toodles!