Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dock in the Water and Boy in a Hat

Two latest projects finished in my Soul Food online course. 

"Dock in the Water"

I wanted to make something that represented home to me so I decided to do the river, the sky, the evergreen trees, and the granite rock. I love living beside the Winnipeg River. 
The shadow box was made from paper maché.  (So-so-so much fun getting gooey!) 

 This doesn't look like any fish I've seen in our river???  Looks kinda like a big goldfish!! Ha ha

My dog Maxie is just below the trees on the right hand side.

The sides have a bit of stencil on them, toned down with acrylic glaze mixed with some paint (first time using an acrylic glaze - totally hooked). 

I thought it was so cool that I glazed the whole back of the piece.  Has rather an old world feel to it, don't you think?   

"Boy in a Hat"
I made this with Pental oil pastels on card stock.  My plan was to doodle a bit to see how the pastels worked.  When he started to look like an actual person, I kept going!  (Worked from a photo)  

Thursday, 20 February 2014


I have never painted at an easel yet I have three table top easels built by my dad.  Go figure!  My lesson in Soul Food required me to choose several source photos and build a picture from it.  This is the largest picture I have ever done.  I could not believe how many decisions I made throughout the process.  I'm thinking painting might be kind of like learning to drive - when you first start driving, you have to think about everything because it is so unfamiliar.  Eventually, with tons of practice, driving becomes second nature and you can enjoy the ride.  Working at the easel was totally awesome. I hope some of the decision making becomes second nature.  My brain was wired and fried by the end of the work.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Soul Food

I know it's been ages since I've posted anything on this blog. But I'm into a real cool online art course called Soul Food, creating all sorts of pieces.  I have some wonderful people in my life who are so encouraging and supportive of my work.   I figured it'd be easier to share it with them, and anyone else who is interested, if they could all come to one spot to look rather than me emailing them all the time.

So here are the results of some of the first lessons I've taken: