Friday, 22 March 2013

Visit to Sheep Farm

The other day I went to none other than a sheep farm!!!  I was stoked.  I've seen a few sheep in my life time at petting zoos and from a distance sitting safely in my car and on tv...LOL...but never anything like this.  It was a whole other world, and amazingly, it was just five minutes from my home!  It is a relatively new farm as farms go (i.e. wasn't there ten years ago) so it's not like I was ignoring it forever.  But what a different world from my own, only steps from my backyard. 
I took both my camera and my sketch book, thinking I could capture these b-a-a-u-tiful animals two ways, but it was so COLD I could barely hold the camera to take pictures, never mind stand around for a half hour and sketch.  Fortunately we were able to go into the barn where more of these delightful animals were hanging out.  I ended up taking photos only and made my sketches from photo references.  Thanks to my friend Mary Ann for being such an awesome tour guide!
A few of my photos....
Me holding a beautiful black lamb. 
The lamb needs a feeding tube
'cause it doesn't know how to suck.
Fred the barn cat. 
 I think he is secretly a diva at heart.
He kept trying to sneak into my photos.
These guys know how to eat;
they just don't have a mama to feed them.
and sketches...
I made Fred look a little off-balance here.
He's so much more handsome in person.

xox Leah


  1. Sheep are such gorgeous creatures. Your sketches are awesome! What a fun experience.

  2. Squeeeeee! Oh that baby black sheep!!!! So precious! Your sketches are so excellent and capture the day beautifully!

    1. Thank you Shelly! I really appreciate your comments. ♥♥

  3. What! I never knew there was a sheep farm here! I would live to see them too. You got some gear reference photos and your sketches are fabulous Leah! I love lambs.