Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Happy Dance from Store to Store (aka Shoes & Art Supplies)

I shopped in the city today while I waited for my son to write an entrance exam for a college program.  I had to go shoe shopping. :(  This is NOT one of my favorite activities as I have such a hard time buying shoes.  Yes, I have those kind of feet that can't take flip-flops, high heels, any heel for that matter -- I need to wear orthotics. 
My normal shoe shopping place (with limited selection) closed and I needed a new place.  This time I braved the downtown driving and went to Canadian Footwear.  OMGosh, they have a great selection and a super-helpful staff.  In no time at all I had two new pairs at the checkout counter - a dress shoe for work and new winter boots to replace the ones that kicked the bucket last week. I could not get one more wear out of them. ( an you believe I bought winter boots on the first day of spring!  Felt more like a January day instead of March.  Last year at this time we were wearing shorts! That's a Manitoba winter for you.)  Here they are...
I know, I know - they are basic black.  But they go with everything, and right now, that's what I need.  Sandals are next, then maybe something with a little color???
I was so happy I did a little happy dance as I left the store.   Then my day got better.  Right across the street from the shoe store was an ART SUPPLY STORE!  Like it was sitting there waiting just for me.  (art supply stores/book stores/craft stores/fabric stores/antique stores/grocery stores /office supply stores-- these are my favorites).
This store was brand new to me so of course I went to investigate - just to look and see you know.  Yah, well, I could not leave without buying something.  Especially since they had this cool sale on - everything in the store that is purple and green is 30% off.  Sweet idea!   This is what I bought.....   

Liquid watercolor is new to me - one bottle just to give it a spin - red violet  (30% off) and same with the lime green acrylic ink (again 30% off!).  Of course I needed a lime green sharpie (30% off), then couldn't resist the pad of watercolor 140 lb paper and the pan of water colors 'cause they weren't that expensive.  You can check out their website here  Cre8tive Supplies
I had already picked up these double ended watercolor markers in the bookstore at the college (not knowing that a whole store of art supplies was waiting for me).  These are cool - brush at one end and fine point at the other.  I gave them a whirl during the final minutes while waiting for my son.  Here is a couple of quick flower sketches I made in a small moleskin book I had tucked into my purse.
The black zentangle styled picture in the corner is with the Staedtler 0.05 pigment liner.  My favorite size pen.
It was a super good morning and to top it off, after a quick lunch, I got to go to a bookstore!  Need I say more?
Thanks for stopping by.
xox Leah



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