Saturday, 9 March 2013

Artisan Markets in Cuba

Hola!  I was lucky enough to spend a week in Cuba with my husband and friends.  We spend a few hours wandering in the markets in Varadero.

 There were dozens and dozens of stalls, most with pretty much the same stuff.  But there were some one of a kind gems....

Beautiful handpainted terra cotta pieces in vibrant colors -- funky and fun.

 Gorgeous metal work.  These pieces are stunning in real life.  I love the rustic, rough vibe. It's like they've lived a tough life yet still retain the beauty of their soul.

The handpainted fabric canvases come in all sizes with all styles of painting.  My favorites are the monochromatics you see at the back of this picture though pieces like the colorful dancers below often caught my eye.

I was beyond words when I stumbled upon these tucked in the back corner of a stall on the highest shelf (I had to stretch tall and stand on my tippy toes to take the picture).  Set against the wire fence background with the metal roof above, they reached out and grabbed my heart.

 Next time, I'll show you a few pages from the sketch books I took with me.

xoxo Leah

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