Saturday, 16 March 2013

Face 101

Here they are!   A few of  the 101 faces I made while taking the online course FACES 101 with Carla Sonheim (here) .  It's a five day course but as I work a day job it took me a bit longer to finish it.

 India ink with an ink dropper
One continuous line drawing with a water soluable pen
Fine and ultra-fine Sharpie pen.


Ultra-fine Sharpie pen and watercolor crayon for the shading.
Watercolor and pencil
Pencil crayon
Chalk pastel and kneadable eraser.

Hope you enjoyed them.  Thanks for stopping by!

xox Leah


  1. I am loving the sharpie one and the watercolor/pencil one!!

    1. Thanks Kristal. It was fun making them.