Friday, 7 November 2014

Nothing Artsy - Just Pizza

So I'm going to step outside the art parameters of this blog because I just want to share.  Something my husband and I love doing is finding and trying new restaurants and food stores. Last weekend we hit two in Winnipeg.

We had a decent lunch at The Cornerstone Bar and Restaurant at the corner of Osbourne and River in Osbourne Village.  It was 2:00 pm in the afternoon yet the place was over a quarter full.  The atmosphere was warm and cozy even with the cool greys, whites and chrome theme.  Service was great. The food? Not our absolute favorite but if you are looking for something different, give it a whirl.  D had the seafood pasta special which was not overwhelming in size but had a definite fishy flavour. His house Caesar made with gin and srir-cha was spicy and delish. I tried the soup special made with potato, bacon and something else which I've totally forgotten. This something gave the soup a distinct flavour which I've never had in potato soup before.  Liked it. Didn't love it. Would eat it again though.  I also had an order of five spice salted chicken wings. Good, strong five spicy flavour. Salty. D says he could taste the sweetness of the sugar he remembers from those awesome, little dusted doughnuts you get from the food trucks at carnivals and fairs.  His palette is better than mine or maybe he just had a craving.  I couldn't taste it. This was a lunch of mixed flavours so maybe that was our problem. For the price we wouldn't order it again, but you know what? I'd like to go back and give it a second chance. The burgers looked great and apparently they have a pastry chef in the kitchen who makes killer desserts. Now that might make a great lunch!

Our second stop occurred because we had enough of the shopping scene and we're ready to leave the city earlier than planned.  If our son had been around he might have scored a free meal from mom and dad. Instead we decided to grab a pizza and noodle on home early to watch the Jets taken on the New York Rangers on the big screen tv with my dad.  I said to D, "Why don't we make the pizza. Homemade always taste better,". He was in total agreement since I'm the pizza maker in the house.  Easy out for him.  He just washes dishes.  Only we didn't have any meat for toppings. At this point we were making our way down Main Street. D spotted a store - Tenderloin Meat & Sausage. Never heard of it. Never  noticed it. So he pulls into the parking lot behond the store. Why not? We are always up for a new food shopping experience.

Walking through the corner door was like walking into spice heaven. Holy heck it smelled good.  In front of us were several long display cases of meats -- the usual steaks, roasts, pork tenderloins -- and then the deli meats which featured, oh my gosh, homemade salamis, pepperonis and more, and yet another case with homemade garlic sausage and other yummy stuff I just can't remember.  I would love to excite you with vivid descriptions using all sorts of mouthwatering adjectives but since I was so busy consuming with my eyes and my nose, I didn't make any mental or real notes about what exactly was there. But believe me, it looked good.

Though we wanted to buy about six bags of everything, we settled for our pizza toppings of all-beef salami, hot pepperoni and a bag of three cheese blend with gouda, mozzarella and white cheddar from Manitoba's own Bothwell Cheese (love Bothwell!).  The staff behind those long counters were plentiful, efficient, friendly and helpful.  There sure were a lot of them, and we had to take a number to meet them, which tells me this place can be really hopping, which further tells me it is a little gem of a store which I am sure glad we discovered.

So that is the end of my sharing of something completely non-arty.  The pizza was yummy, the hockey great and the Jets won!  A good cap to finish off a super day.  Thanks for listening to my rambling.


Leftover Pizza

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