Friday, 14 November 2014

Honking Winged Creatures

Winter is officially here.  Snow is on the ground and it is not going anywhere again until next spring. When I let Maxie out yesterday morning about 5 am, I could hear the geese honking.  I love that sound, especially in the crisp, cold, night air.  There is something magical about it.

Honking winged creatures crossing greycast clouds, 
soaring above gleaned fields.  
Steady onward, formed in flights of primordial instinct.
A shift from here to there.
Gazing at soft underbellies shaded in silvered slate,
trembling at dizzy heights attained.
Reaching upward, following, seeking, chancing.
Where are they going? 
I will go too.
                                  Leah Boulet

Speaking of geese, there's a fabulous artist I love who I also happen to know.  She is amazingly creative and an awesome teacher.  In the last few years she's spent time sharing her knowledge and love of art in the schools.  Her lastest project is crazy good.  Geese are involved along with feathers, flight, thoughts, hopes and dreams.  I just have to share the You Tube video she posted last month. Here is Roberta Laliberté and her video Future Flight Path.

The last of these soulful flyers are winging their way south.  Next time the songs of the geese fill the air above my head, spring will be around the corner.  


  1. I guess the geese are going where their instincts tell them . . . it's easier for them to listen I think.

    Loved the video.

  2. Hi Wendy. Thanks for dropping by! Roberta is really talented. I love watching her videos of her painting process.