Friday, 19 December 2014

Some of the Things I Love About Christmas

  1. The music -- from the cheesy songs to the beautiful and everything in between.  My favorite song as a kid was "Silver Bells".  I can't tell you now what my favorite song is - there are so many great  ones.
  2. The smell of a real Christmas tree.
  3. The mix of nuts in their shells that we only see in the stores at this time of year - walnuts, hazel nuts, almonds and the dark shelled one with a meaty nut (I forget its name).  Cracking them is   almost better than eating them.  I'm always trying to get two perfect halves of the walnut shell.
  4. Christmas movies!  I have been watching them since November 1st.  Thank goodness for a PVR!
  5. Walking around town at night looking at all the light decorations and how they chase away the darkness of winter.
  6. My mother-in-law's dainties.
  7. The light string on my tree.  This small light string has 14 different settings.  I love the blinky   one. 
  8. My reindeer decoration that we've had for years.  His nose is still glowing strong!



  1. Read and imaged each one! Thank you for the wonderful tour Leah!