Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Photo Sketched Out

I love getting Christmas photos. I even have an album dedicated just for them.  It's fun to see the changes in people from year to year.  That being said, I am totally not good at sending out either Christmas cards or Christmas photos.  Sorry family and friends! Maybe one year I will get it in gear. In the meantime, I was inspired by a Christmas photo I received from my good friend Suzanne a couple of years back.  I love the photo.  For some reason it made me smile whenever I looked at it, so I left it on my fridge for months and months and months until I decided to use it as a model for my next art project.

I used a uniball pen to draw the family on watercolor paper even though I decided not to add any color.  There's a bit of a 3-D effect going on as Mom, Dad and the girls are done on three separate pieces, cut out with an x-acto knife and layered together with a matte medium. The background is a photo I took near my home, copied onto cream colored cardstock.

This is by no means a photograph copy of the photograph.  My lines are wonky in places, waggly in others and I took artistic license with a few of the shapes.  What I hope it shows is the love and happiness threading through the circle of this family.

Next time, maybe I will try color!


  1. Hi, Leah. Stopped by from SBS to have a look at your blog. I really like your card, and I especially liked your painted heart ornaments in the previous post--just too cool!
    best from Tunisia,

    1. Thanks Nadia and thanks for dropping by!

  2. Wow Leah! I love how you've captured these people! No wonder it made you smile - they are radiating joy....Bravo!

  3. That's exactly it! Thank you for putting it into words. They are radiating joy!