Monday, 1 December 2014

Big Head

She started out as a scribble in my sketchbook.  I am not entirely certain what creating a giant head means but I bet it could be fun poking around the psychological aspect of it!


  1. Well that's good . . . there are a lot of people out there who NEED to think more of themselves and I'm glad you're not one. :)

  2. Well....hmmmm.....uuuuhhhh.....
    Well, uh, this is certainly interesting? Actually it reminds me of the "Mr. Potatoe Head" kits from childhood. Interesting....
    you just never know what is going to pop out next!

  3. It is interesting what pops out. I really like this drawing. For some reason it came together for me when I added the three little people at the base of the head. Go figure!