Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Change in Tradition and A Merry Christmas Wish

Christmas is almost here.  Hooray! I'm almost ready.  Hooray!  The house is decorated and the presents are wrapped.   I've one more choir practice today then it is what it is at church on Christmas eve.  Tonight my family will be decorating our Christmas tree.  

This is the first year the four of us have not gone to get the Christmas tree together since forever.  No matter what was happening, even if we only had a 45 minute window on December 23rd, we went and found our tree as a family.  This year we had to let that tradition go.  We couldn't swing it.  My daughter has been away for school.  She arrived home from Montrèal yesterday, on Dec 21st (happy mom sitting here).  My husband has to work the 21st through to the 24th.  We knew there'd be no time for us to go out tree hunting all together.  

So last week my guys went out and found a beautiful tree for us.  It became a special father - son time, made all the more special because our youngest will be leaving home next fall.  Who knows if he'll be around at Christmas next year to go get the tree? 

I love having a real Christmas tree in the house.  It smells so wonderful.  It's worth the hassle of watering it and cleaning up all those dropped needles.  But even though we've had the tree for several days, and it could have been set up and twinkling and sparkling all week, we decided to wait until we were all together again to decorate.  Tonight's the night!  

Our tradition has changed.  It doesn't really matter to me quite as much as I though it would.  It turns out it's not the tradition so much as the being together and sharing in the joy of the season.  We're making a new tradition, at least for this year.  Next year?  I guess we'll have to wait and see what comes.  In the meantime, I'm happy my family is home and we have another Christmas together.

I'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, from my family to yours, and may you have joy, peace, and prosperity in the new year.

♥ Leah

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  1. Oh Leah! The family portrait is perfect!! You started blogging again and I didn't notice til tonight. Glad you're back!