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It is said, "We must have closure."  

Dad believes that closure is something the folks of Pine Falls and area might want.  First there was the loss of employment when the Pine Falls Paper Mill employees were locked out in 2009, then it was the shock of the subsequent closing of the business in 2010.  What followed was probably the most difficult of all - the total demolition of the mill.  

Residents had to stand aside as fences were erected around the perimeter of the mill yard, no trespassing signs pasted on the wire links.  Then they had to watch as step by step, bit by bit, what once was a viable and energetic factory of 84ish years was reduced to rubble and scrap metal.  

Dad spent three years documenting the process with his camera and has combined the best of his photos in this book to share with you. The images he chose capture the essence of the end of an era.  It's his way of saying good-bye to what once was, to help provide closure for this chapter in the story of the Pine Falls region so we can look forward to the next.

This hardcover book has 130 color photos printed on quality paper, accompanied by text of explanation in some sections. 

If you would like to purchase a copy, contact me by email at  The cost is $30 plus shipping. 

Shipping prices vary according to destination so please inquire and I will let you know the price.


December 03, 2014


Another Book by my Dad!

This book is a collection of stories he has written over the years plus two stories by his sister Rita Schilling which he could have written about, but as he says, "she did it so much better!" It begins with tales from his life as a youngster on the farm in Lac du Bonnet, meanders along the Winnipeg River  - McArthur Falls, Silver Falls, St. Georges, Pine Falls, dips into some of his travels, puts on record memories of some wonderful people, and a whole lot more.
It's an enjoyable read, 115 pages long with both black/white and color photos. 

If you would like to purchase a copy, contact me by email at  The cost is $25 plus $5 for shipping.


June 26, 2014


I'm so proud to present my dad's new book


He put a lot of hard work and effort into this book.  It is his thank you to a town that has treated himself and his family so well over the years. 

I don't need to say much because you can read it all here in the fantastic review  written by Laird Crawford for the Jan 09/14 edition of our local newspaper, the Winnipeg Echo. 

Double-click on the image to enlarge for reading.

If you would like to purchase a copy, contact me by email at  The cost is $20 plus $5 for shipping.


Early Winter/2014 

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